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Dear Editor,

Once again I’m forced to chime in in the imaginary case of an alleged consulting job granted to my ex-wife, Lisa Lowenstein, from whom I have been separated since 2008 and divorced following a ruling in 2013 by a judge in Milan. Today’s statement follows a letter I sent you on October 3 that was published under the headline “Why These Are Only False Allegations.”

I have never asked for any favors for me or my former wife, from whom I have been separated for five years and from whom I'm currently divorced. My ex-wife’s independent economic initiatives were not approved by me, and in fact they were ultimately the cause of my separation, which, as I mentioned previously, occurred in 2008.

This circumstance was confirmed by people involved in the case and during the Finmeccanica’s internal audit commissioned on September 5 by then president and CEO Giuseppe Orsi with the goal of “highlighting and analyzing” contracts granted to Ms. Lowenstein between January 1, 2005, and June 30, 2012. The audit found that “no companies belonging to Finmeccanica Group had any commercial relationships with Ms. Lisa Caryl Lowenstein nor with the three aforementioned companies: Made in Museum SRL, MIM Merchandising SRL and Style Muffin LLC.” I have nothing to add to this.

In today’s newspapers I read that Mediobanca’s Alberto Nagel and Maurizio Cereda said during interrogations with prosecutors on October 11 that Alessandro Pansa, then Finmeccanica’s general co-director, whom I admire and with whom I have been friends for years, asked—between 2007 and 2008—if it was possible to refinance the debt contracted by Ms. Lowenstein or by companies linked to her. Nagel and Cereda refused to meet the request. I have nothing to add to this circumstance, which is irrelevant and clear. 

Finally, in order to meet the improper request to clarify my position, I can only stress once again that I have never asked for any help for my ex-wife, Lisa Lowenstein, so that she could repay the debt connected to her entrepreneurial activities.


Vittorio Grilli

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