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Europe Should Resist a ‘Dogmatic’ Drift

Italy’s budget law for the year 2015 deserves credit for its innovative and pro growth measures: hopefully, when the time for approval comes, both the Italian and the European parliaments will think so too.

The ECB vs. Market Match

The European Central Bank has begun to take actions to measure risky bonds. This is a beginning, with results that are yet to be seen.

When Berlin Asked Paris for Help

A review of Europe’s past with the hope of finding guidance for Europe’s future.

Europe Makes the First Move, Now It's Putin's Turn

Fearing a war over natural gas, Europe made no qualms about opening a dialogue with Russia. Yet, was this the right strategy?

Europe Re-Opens Talks with the Kremlin

Milan dialogues open the way for future discussions between Putin and Poroshenko. In the meantime, small steps forward are made on gas supplies and the use of drones and radar technologies to monitor ceasefire.

A European Triangle to Restart Growth

A three-pronged approach to growth may be in the works; yet, German concerns may not have been answered yet.

Those Listings “Under the Influence” of Liquidity

In order to restore the right balance between finance and real economy, serious incentives for the latter are needed.

Who Forces the Hand of Central Banks

Recent shifts in the market may seem unexpected; yet there are quite a few plausible explanations.

Objective Growth: If Not Now, When?

I regards to its budget, Italy must ask itself: if not now, then when?

A Positive Step Ahead: But Beware of Cuts

The Italian government finally shifts towards growth-stimulating measures with concrete provisions in the new budget law: provided parliament approves it, strong doubts, however, remain on the nature of the proposed spending reductions.

The German Economy’s Black Box

For the first time, Germany’s fiscal inflexibility appears as a political objective rather than a purely economic one. This may lead to a change of pace in Berlin, where Merkel fears being seen as the chancellor that sunk Europe.

In Search of Coverage

The ministry of the economy is in search of a way to fund a double IRPEF-IRAP. This is a task that is not inconceivable.

The Useful Relationship With Beijing

Italy must navigate its relationship with China carefully. If done right, the bilateral meetings this week and the Forum for Innovation held in Milan can breathe new life into both countries.

France, Italy and the Fiscal Rules

It is crunch time for the EU's fiscal procedures. October 15, the deadline for the submission of budget plans to the European Commission, is fast approaching. It will be followed, in the course of November, by the assessment of these plans by the new Commission. The dreaded outcome is that of an out-and-out rejection, with a “return to sender” for redrafting. There is a pervasive sentiment that this will be the fate of France, given its avowed ...

The Most Hated Tax

Matteo Renzi's recent comment that he’d like to eliminate the cost of labor component of IRAP represents a major shift in addressing the much hated tax.

A Change to Be Done For Real

Matteo’s intentions of tackling the IRAP may prove to be gamble on the future of Italy.

The Italian Match in the Global Game

Given the complicated global scenario and the current shortage of financial assets, collaborations and strategic partnerships with China are a great opportunity that Italy cannot afford to miss.

The Rules Are for Everyone (Including Berlin)

Europe will be defined by its crises, and how they are dealt with. This truth must, however, be updated to reflect current times and cultures. The current system may not be adequate, but it is the only option, and we must operate within it.

The Nation Needs a Tax-Cutting Pact

It’s necessary that policy, parties, and the government, truly understand that the current tax rate is unsustainable. A change must arrive.

Works Halted by Bureaucracy and Infighting

Serious interventions may be needed do divert deadly fall weather; yet, bureaucratic messes seem poised to prevent these interventions from happening.

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