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A Pact To Rethink

In his letter to majority parliament members, Italian prime minister Matteo Renzi offers a first political response to the economic data by statistics agency Istat. His answer must be convincing, to avoid that the government find itself crucified on the figures of the new recession. ...

Renzi Is Cautious, Yet the Left Flounders

In a battle with his fractured party, Matteo Renzi must dance around the issue of Article 18 amid accusations of moving to the right.

The New York Fed: A “Captured” Regulator.

When the supervisors are too complacent, the whole financial system suffers; finally, in New York, a courageous employee denounced—at the cost of her job—the well-known phenomenon.

If Beijing Does Not Loosen Its Grip

With intense protests in Hong Kong continuing, it must be noted that Hong Kong is not Tibet; the former British colony by Causeway bay is, unlike Tibet, under the world’s constantly watching eye.

What the American Lesson Teaches

Comparing Italy to the United States may seem like comparing apples to oranges, but when we substitute Europe for Italy, the outcome does not change much. The lessons learned from overseas can still be successfully used at home.

The Industrial “Heart”

The United States has truly innovated and restored its manufacturing sector—from from the deep South to Silicon Valley.

Provinces: A Party-Saving List

An examination of the party divide and how party politics will play out in the elections across providences.

Without Reforms, the Monetary Pill Is Not Enough

Amid a heated “currency war,” Europe needs real reforms to avoid falling far behind the likes of the United States and Japan.

The Weight of Coincidences

The unprecedented fact of a president called to testify in a criminal trial reignites the institutional tension between the Head of State and the Judiciary, undermining the prestige of the former while he is pushing a radical reform of the latter.

Pope Francis’ Management Lesson

With the arrest of an alleged pedophile bishop and the removal of other only suspected of the same crime, Pope Francis set a precedent for the Catholic church and an example for Italian companies and political organizations.

Junker’s Battle in a Europe Without Growth

The wounds that Europe seems to all too often inflict upon itself are well reflected in the battle that Battle Junker must face in order to seek out growth.

Still a Long Challenge Ahead

Political infighting within the Democratic Party is beginning to erupt: and this time, Renzi’s waving of the flag of Article 18 may not save the day.

The Democratic Party: The Risk of a Divorce

There may be some irreconcilable differences between Renzi and the opposition that he finds within his own Democratic Party. The cost of a divorce, however, may be too high for either side to pay.

One Hundred Days to Bring Italy’s Ship Back on Course

The ECB will have another round of long-term, low cost loans, and may even resort to purchasing state bonds. In either case, Italy has until December to “ready its ship,” or it will have wasted its last opportunity.

The Director—Draghi’s central bank

The Germany of today is running into fiscal parallels of the Germany of the 1930s. A brief memory jog may be required.

ECB Prepares to Move on Government Bonds

Although it is still, early many fear that the purchase of government bonds may be on the radar for the ECB.

Investments in Search of a Lever for Confidence

The ECB operation allowing banks to draw liquidity in order to finance businesses is not enough to restart credit and growth; it should be integrated with longer-term maneuvers that include a higher involvement of national development banks.

Verdi and Italian Delay

Article 18 is beyond outdated; yet, political furor keeps it alive. At the center of this debate: where the responsibility of welfare must return.

Litigious and Self-Harmful Europe

The president of the European Central Bank, said that no stimulus, neither monetary or budgetary, can have a lasting impact without bold structural reforms capable of improving competitiveness in Europe. Yet, the rest of Europe seems uninterested.

The New Challenge for London: Yes or No to Europe

The outcome of the vote on Scottish independence barely solved one problem for the United Kingdom, and only postponed other, possibly more hairy, ones to in near future.

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