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How Much I Miss His Ethics of Preciseness.

One protagonist of the 20th century’s Italian economy remembers another—both from a professional and a personal point of view.

Six Enemies in Head-On Collision

Israel is attempting to gain political ground by delegitimizing Hamas. However, similar to their actions towards Hezbollah in 2006, Israel may end up losing political ground instead.

The Deficit: A Match Played on the Edge of Three Percent

Will Italy live up to its deficit commitments without asking its citizens for more sacrifices? In the light of data less optimistic than hoped for, the answer depends on many variables—and it will be, more than ever, a matter of decimals.

Helpless Victims of the Modern Era

The downing of the Boeing in the Ukraine is bound to reawaken the attention of European politicians—and citizens—on the risks of war on a global scale.

GDP and Prices: Italy Faces Zero-Level Horizon

With such slow growth, Italy risks reaching zero-level GDP goeth. More than just talk is needed in order to avoid a complete loss.

Markets Adrift in the Crisis

With the tension in the Ukrainian conflict flaring to an all time high, the markets seem to reflect this distress.

Italy’s Useful “Faulty Step” in Europe

The appointment of Federica Mogherini to the post of EU foreign minister fell through: Renzi’s electoral victory and strong socialist alliance was not enough to obtain it. Yet, at this early stage of Italy's presidency, it could be a blessing in disguise.

Passion Without Method Does not Create Change

Renzi’s ambitious reform program lacks a systematic, all-encompassing, game plan.

Neorealism in the Interpretation of EU Rules

The Juncker mandate begins with high hopes and great intentions, as well as risks of ideological clashes within the Union.

Forza Italia’s Dual Track

As Forza Italia party struggles to remain held together by former prime minister Silvio Berlusconi, the ideologies of the former prime minister clash with those of the new prime minister, Matteo Renzi.

If the Crisis Brushes the Point of No Return

Necessary structural reforms can be unpopular in individual states: an extra reason why governments should implement them in coordination, and possibly at the European level.

An Industrial Plan to Re-Launch Italy

Growth for Italy remains, to some, a “phantasm.” Yet, there are three key points on which Italy can change this perception, restructure itself and head in the direction of growth.

Crucial Confidence Turnaround for Generali

Chief Executive Mario Greco lays out a comprehensive turnaround plan for Italian insurance group Generali.

European Public Investments And ‘Made in Italy’ Reforms

The latest figures on the weakness of the European economy could be a ‘blessing in disguise’ as it helps Italy— during its semester of presidency—to make its case for the need of a growth-oriented public investment program on a continental scale.

Banks and the Regulator’s Dilemma

The banking policies of Europe clash with the banking policies of Italy. This is a common symptom of Europe’s fragile banking system.

The Courage of Truth

One of the biggest road blocks in the way of growth for Matteo Renzi is bringing a sense of confidence back to Italy.

If Markets Return to Earth

After years of exuberance due to abundant liquidity pumped by the central banks, stock markets are finally calming down: is it simply a technical adjustment driven by rationality, or the early sign of a new global crisis?

Leadership Lessons from Monetary Policy

Monetary policy should not be left to elected political entities, as the choices they have to make to improve efficiency and effectiveness are sometimes inevitably unpopular.

Once Upon a Time In Brazil, There Were Economic Miracles

Brazil’s crushing defeat at the hands of Germany was quite the spectacle. It also seems to parallel the two countries drastically different economic situations.

Now, the Urgency of Reforms Is Stronger

It may be the semester of Italian Presidency at the Commission, but Renzi will not be able to make full use of this opportunity, unless he can successfully resolve domestic growth issues.

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