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Beijing’s Unknown Bonds Usage

China is getting rid of some parts of the American bonds it holds. The move could have an effect on the markets.

Geopolitics and Market Volatility

With numerous geopolitical crises bubbling up throughout the world, the reaction by markets seems curious to say the least.

Europe's Spring in the Freeze

The recent Brussels attacks mark a history of Europe failing itself.

Global Growth to Overcome Extremism

Pope Francis addresses the UN: a rare occasion for a pope.

Realpolitik Wins, But With Little Enthusiasm

Turkey and Europe grapple with reality.

Now the Government Has No More Alibis

Mario Draghi comments on the level of the ECB’s determination.

The Hard Road to an EU-Turkey Agreement

The EU and Turkey continue their negotiations.

The War that Nobody Will Ever Win

Vladimir Putin understands am unfortunate reality of the Syrian war.

Draghi's Push and Europe's Myopia

With a shift in focus towards the sharing economy, can Mario Draghi use his monetary bazooka to save the day.

If the Armistice Is Signed in the Currency War

An analysis of the currency war's ongoing “truce.”

Draghi’s Arsenal and the Governments’ Delay

Mario Draghi seems to have gone on the defensive in measuring market’s of the ECB’s capabilities.

Turkey, So Close But So Far

For Europe, Turkey is becoming less of a bargaining chip and more of a liability.

The Real and the Perceived Tax Burden

An analysis of 2015’s tax revenues and what it means going forward.

The EU Bell Rings for Everybody and Its Name Is Productivity

Productivity is the real missing ingredient for EU recovery.

A Divided Europe at the Sultan’s Great Ball

Turkey’s entry into the EU is an unprecedented turn of events. But then again, Europe is known for its short-term memory.

How to Leverage the Juncker Plan for the Economic Recovery

A look into the current strategies for increasing growth in Europe.

Libya Without a Safety Net and the Script Written by Others

Italy must come to realize that Libya is simply a bad deal—a deal sold to us by the United States.

The Small Plan of a Tired Europe

The divisions within Europe are clear. And should the seams of Europe finally come undone, it would be a historical tragedy, to say the least.

What Needs to Be Done for Strong Growth

With poor data on debt/GDP, the government has but so many options on the table.

Finally More Lights than Shadows

A look at ISTAT’s recent data on employment.

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