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Beijing’s Unknown Bonds Usage

China is getting rid of some parts of the American bonds it holds. The move could have an effect on the markets.

Investment Challenge in a Growth-less World

With the world's engine for growth slowing down, an enormous amount of weight lies upon G20.

The Risk of Low Growth

Recent forecasts for 2016 paint a grim reality of Italy as a partner.

Stop Bail-in, It Fuels Systemic Risk

It's clear that central banks are stuck between a rock and a hard place in terms of rates. However, a bail-in simply is not the answer.

A Monetary Stutter

Fed chair Janet Yellen has offered a confusing suggestion on rates.

The Risk of Isolationism

Both Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders offer a look into the American public’s increasing interest in isolationism.

Look Longer Term

The European Commission has released it's Winter Economic Report—a document that, upon reading, seems very shortsighted.

Differences in the Global World

An analysis of how deeply economic interdependence has influenced the global market’s thinking.

Growth Needs a Boost, Decimals Are Not Enough

Forecasts for the coming two years seem dismal for Italy—especially when compared to it’s neighbors.

The Currency War that Nobody Wins

Markets appear more and more skeptical about the “soothing” power of central banks. Yet, the ECB seems determined to change this.

Solid Reasons and Necessary Alliances

Italy’s request for flexibility are not just reasonable—it would be a wise decision for all of Europe.

Brexit: A Pyrrhic Victory for London

Brexit would have an immense burden on Britain’s treasury. Yet, we must not underestimate London’s current fear of its neighbors.

Deal on Data: A Success for Europe and Privacy

A look into the Safe Harbor agreement and what it means for for Europeans and Americans.

The Slalom of Trust

An analysis of the need for trust in the Italian and European banking system.

Ambitious Target in the Right Direction

An analysis of Italy’s return to asset-backed securities.

The Need for Global Coordination

Recent moves by the Bank of Japan are an excellent example of why greater global coordination is needed.

Why Renzi and Merkel Need Each Other

Germany’s division between pro and anti European ideal are increasingly pronounced. A look into its internal conditions can help explain why.

Let's Aviod Market Distortions

Appeals to address the bad banks have begun to intensify. Let's make sure not to lose sight of the significance of this issue.

A Period of Uncertainty Ends

The agreement reached in Brussels on GACS marks a new direction for Italy. Let’s hope it learned its lesson on bad loans.

That Difficult Challenge to the Chinese Giant

A look at Iran’s relationship with Italy and China.

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