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State-Participated Companies and the Cuts that Must Be Made

We must reform the manners in which local authorities and public entities participate in businesses across the territory by maximizing efficiency, cutting costs and redundancy, and eliminating participations in non-essential businesses.

The Treasury’s Narrow Road

As a result of its decision to reject the extension of the reverse charge to large retailers, the government is in something of a financial squeeze—one that it must escape by the end of June.

If America Gives Advice on the Euro Zone

Although America has provided a consistent history of grave predictions for the euro zone (essentially before the EMU was even formed), some of these opinions have softened recently.

In Riga Last Call for Tsipras

With negotiations with Greece continuing to drag on, a conclusion to the dialogue between the Mediterranean country and the rest of Europe must arrive—and in a way where both parties understand their interdependence.

Increasing the Punishment Is Only a Shortcut

The harsher punishments included in the new anti-corruption law do not impact the perception of impunity as prolonging the terms for the statute of limitations would: yet passing the latter reform is, politically, much harder.

The List Vote System Is Not Enough for Big Public Companies

An analysis of UniCredit’s recent shareholder vote.

Social Services and Labor: Greece and the EU’s Sore Points

Greece and EU’s finance ministers have begun to come to the negotiation table; yet, no clear ending is in sight.

The Political Price of Grexit for Refugees

Europe simply cannot afford to continue looking at emergencies as a “game.”

The Speculative Pressure on the ECB Levee

An analysis of speculator’s reaction to Mario Draghi’s “bazooka.”

Knowing the Numbers

Despite various measures and maneuvers passed in recent years, public spending for retirement pensions is forecasted as ‘on the rise’—and the reason must be found in the less recent past.

The EU Constraints and the Necessary Realism

With their options limited, the Constitutional Court ruled in favor of limits to reimbursements for retirees to 2billion euros. However, it remains to be seen if this was a just decision.

Why Is a Modern Cosntitutional Court Indispensable

No matter how political the implications, Constitutional Court judgments must derive from judicial rationality and consistency rather than political opportunity.

Signs of Spending Recovery

An analysis of recent increases in Italian spending—a pattern that bodes well for recovery.

The Constitutional Court and the Illusion of Never-ending Rights

The Constitutional Court’s ruling on pensions was a misguided judgement—one that echoes a sense of rights that are just not sustainable.

We Need a Quality Leap

An analysis of what is needed in Italy’s 730 tax form—before it turns the summer of 2015 in to a mess.

European Flexibility and the Courage of Reforms

A 0.3 percent increase in GDP during the first quarter of 2015 is certainly positive news, but it also raises questions about its durability. In either case, Italy needs to keep climbing back to the top through reforms and courageous investments.

The ECB Drive and Politics Brake

While Europe is moving forward in terms of growth, expectations may still be holding the EU back.

“Energy Efficiency: The Path to Growth”

Energy efficiency and environmental sustainability are the central challenges of the future for governments and businesses, as growth will also heavily depend on them.

The “Second Navigation” Renzi Has to Face

In the first quarter of 2015, Italy’s GDP finally shows growth. Yet, it is too early to say the country is out of the recession and definitely too early to boast any kind of success. In fact, a lot of reform-related work remains to be done.

The Market and the Green Shoots

Italy is moving past the effects of QE; yet, investors seem to want more.

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