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Spending Cuts and Tax reduction Are the True Walls to Tear Down

While other countries enjoy GDP growth worthy of a true economic restart, Italy still struggles with zero growth. In order to end the stalemate, a sudden and somehow traumatic, set of measures needs be passed before the end of the year.

The EU Needs a Mr. Growth

It will not be a possible agreement over the flexibility of EU parameters to free us from the shallows of the crisis, which for some time has gripped the Italian and European economies.

Netanyahu’s Taboo

Netanyahu the warrior and Netanyahu the negotiator are at odds over one controversial issue: negotiations with Hamas.

Opposition Marches Against Reforms. Renzi: “I don’t give up”

Opposing positions on reforms may plague the Renzi administration. In light of the EU presidency, this is particularly bad timing.

Gnudi:” Let Us Save Ilva, Even With Italian Capital

By making frozen resources available, a new decree is likely to save Ilva—the steel giant under controlled administration for serious and repeated environmental wrongdoings—from total shutdown.

Radical Reforms for the Shift in Europe

Already successfully adopted elsewhere, the policies that Europe should implement in order to exit the crisis are clear: yet, the current regulations and agreements do not allow them—unless Southern countries accept to undergo serious structural reforms.

An Obstacle Course for Export Aid

After years of dispersing energy and funds in a myriad local initiatives, the Italian State is finally concentrating export promotion programs in its own hands. Will it be enough or is it a case of ‘too little too late’?

A Weak Euro Will Not Be Enough to Restart Italy

The advantage of a weaker euro is watered down by the disadvantage of higher costs of parts and products coming from abroad.

Reforming Italy Through Banks: Menichella’s Lesson

The lessons that Menichella imparted decades ago are still applicable today: a banking reform helped Italy through the reconstruction efforts, and it can do so again.

The German Trap That Slows Europe

With a foreseeable slowing of its economy, the eventual weakness of the German economy could cast a doubt on the entire resolution strategy of the euro crisis.

How Much I Miss His Ethics of Preciseness.

One protagonist of the 20th century’s Italian economy remembers another—both from a professional and a personal point of view.

Six Enemies in Head-On Collision

Israel is attempting to gain political ground by delegitimizing Hamas. However, similar to their actions towards Hezbollah in 2006, Israel may end up losing political ground instead.

The Deficit: A Match Played on the Edge of Three Percent

Will Italy live up to its deficit commitments without asking its citizens for more sacrifices? In the light of data less optimistic than hoped for, the answer depends on many variables—and it will be, more than ever, a matter of decimals.

Helpless Victims of the Modern Era

The downing of the Boeing in the Ukraine is bound to reawaken the attention of European politicians—and citizens—on the risks of war on a global scale.

GDP and Prices: Italy Faces Zero-Level Horizon

With such slow growth, Italy risks reaching zero-level GDP goeth. More than just talk is needed in order to avoid a complete loss.

Markets Adrift in the Crisis

With the tension in the Ukrainian conflict flaring to an all time high, the markets seem to reflect this distress.

Italy’s Useful “Faulty Step” in Europe

The appointment of Federica Mogherini to the post of EU foreign minister fell through: Renzi’s electoral victory and strong socialist alliance was not enough to obtain it. Yet, at this early stage of Italy's presidency, it could be a blessing in disguise.

Passion Without Method Does not Create Change

Renzi’s ambitious reform program lacks a systematic, all-encompassing, game plan.

Neorealism in the Interpretation of EU Rules

The Juncker mandate begins with high hopes and great intentions, as well as risks of ideological clashes within the Union.

Forza Italia’s Dual Track

As Forza Italia party struggles to remain held together by former prime minister Silvio Berlusconi, the ideologies of the former prime minister clash with those of the new prime minister, Matteo Renzi.

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