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The Unheard Reasons Of Manufacturers

Listening to the voices of Italian manufactures and their cries for modernization is the only way forward for Italy’s industrial sector.

Orange’s “Tactical Retreat”

While it may seem that Orange CEO Stephane Richard backpedaled on his interest in Telecom, a closer look reveals that there may be more to the story.

Because I Believe in the Value of Intermediary Bodies

This Response to Professor Fabbrini’s critiques of anti-leadership focuses on respect for the intermediary bodies specified in the Constitution as an integral part of democracy, to be embraced like they are in Germany.

Investments, Not Bubbles, for a More Flexible Europe

The Commission’s assessment on Italy—although better than France’s and Germany’s—is only a yellow light. Whether it turns green, or red, depends on the progress of structural reforms.

The Political Mess the Country Cannot Afford

The political confusion of the last few days has kept the future of Telecom stuck in the mud.

The Shareholder Telecom Needs

The fate of Telecom weighs on its shareholder Telefonica.

It’s Help, Not an Alibi

Now that some of the creatures that came out of the European crisis have been tamed, Italy must use this occasion to better understand national responsibilities.

The European Dividend and the Necessary Seriousness

The economic recovery is, on paper (as demonstrated by a low spread), a positive sign for the GDP. But instead of opening the champagne, it is time for all to work together to not squander this opportunity.

The Darkest Years and the Point of Restart

We are at an unfamiliar time in our economy—a time where we are no longer moving backward, but rather have begun to move forward.

If the Fed and the ECB Walk on Opposite Paths

The monetary policy implemented by America’s Federal Reserve has been so far in the hands of moderates, but it could soon give in to the pressure of extremists—on both sides of the political spectrum.

The Game that the Country Pays

Mediaset has launched a takeover bid on Rai Way—setting in motion a fierce competition.

The Default Risk and The Realism Flag

The list of reforms by the Greek government has finally been presented and approved. However, it is too early to say that the euro area is in the clear.

A Brusque Awakening for SYRIZA

Some of SYRIZA’s pre-victory promises are beginning to fall apart now that the honeymoon is over.

Tsipras and His “Monti Moment”

Alexis Tsipras’ attempts to fundamental change the habits of Greece (and in such a small span of time) fail to understand a number of larger reforms that his country needs.

Voluntary Disclosure Will Be the Testing Ground

The agreement between Italy and Switzerland on the lifting of banking secrecy will make life easier for those who want to come out of fiscal illegality and harder for those who do not.

The Shadow Line of SYRIZA

SYRIZA must face harsh realities it terms of its ability to actually govern (and not just fight) now that it must step up to the plate—or it will be sent home.

Sovereignty’s Limits

Greece denounces the end of democratic sovereignty, but its own position in the negotiations with Brussels undercuts this very argument.

The Future of Labor: Farewell to Hypocrisy

An analysis of the new rules for the Jobs Act and their ability to rebalance the Italian labor market.

Reform: Delays Do Not Produce Growth

Matteo Renzi, and his government, has moved fast with the passing of reforms—a little less on their implementation. Now, as the economy is beginning to prove the prime minister right, it is very important not to lose momentum.

What Urgency to Say “Nein”

German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble took a swift and harsh—maybe even surprising—stance on Greece’s request to extend agreements with its international creditors.

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