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Are We Certain It Is All Austerity’s Fault?

Austerity has a terrible reputation and seems to be the fulcrum that unites almost all anti-European movements. However, when examined more closely, we see that some of austerity’s criticism may be unfounded.

How Athens Becomes a Preferred Debtor

An analysis of the ways in which Greece inevitably became a prime debtor for the EFSF and the IMF.

Messes and Realities in the Greek Match

The Greek problem was largely underestimated when it first broke out. Now, the threat of Greece exiting the euro, Europe and maybe the Western world altogether is clear and present.

Berlin’s Lesson on Budget: Balance Until 2019

Germany has announced a balanced budget that will last until at least 2019. This is perhaps a strong euro zone role model—one that Greece in particular could take cues from.

In Europe, Lessons Never End

Many in Europe took Grexit much too lightly. Now, like a child that touched the stove after being warned, the euro zone is confronting reality.

The Weight of IMF Arrears

Athens is now defaulting against the IMF, and the consequences could be severe and spill over into decisions by the ECB regarding the ELA, the right of ESM and EFSF to also declare Greece’s default, and the inability to access the residual bailout funds.

If Europe Could Rise from Its Mistakes

The Crisis between Greece and the rest of Europe has reached the final showdown. No matter how it ends, Europe has a lot to learn from it, starting with how to overcome rivalries and avoid confrontations between single national states.

The IMF Dilemma

Greece’s deadline for repayments has passed. Now that it is clear that Athens is in no position to repay its debts on time, both the ECB and IMF are in a particularly difficult position.

Obama’s Fear

Motivated by a fear of contagion from the debacle that is Grexit, the Obama administration is closely eyeing, and attempting to influence, the Greek situation.

Islam’s Wars in our House

An internal war within Islam is spreading and overflowing inside our border: the fact that it is internal, however, does not mean we should stand on the side and look.

Italy’s Challenge in a World that Is Slowing Down

Recently, the OECD had projected a slight slowdown for global growth. While not necessarily a good sign at face value, such a situation could provide Italy with an unusual opportunity.

The Too Many Ambiguities of European Summits

The European Summit emerged under the image of being a constructive and peaceful means to an end; yet, its beginning to look more like a brutal competition—one with a myriad of unclear goals.

Opposition Grows Against ECB Funds to Greek Banks

With the ECB maintaining a strategy of ELA with Greece, a considerable uproar of criticism has predictably surfaced.

Politics Should Prevail Over Accounting Limits

Even if it will end up in a satisfying, everlasting agreement, the Greek issue highlights the general loss of the idea of common interest among European Union members states as well as the importance, still, of their respective national dimensions.

“Sudden” Unknowns

The Constitutional Court has provided the Renzi administration with a slight sigh of relief via its recent unconstitutional ruling. However, the government is not out of the woods yet.

Why the IMF Keeps a Hard Line

An analysis of the IMF’s hard line relationship with Greece.

Soccer: Caught Between Bad Regulations and Financial Bubbles

The world of soccer suffers from structural economic and financial imbalances that make it more vulnerable to corruption, and may lead to the devaluation of a very unique and highly profitable industry.

Optimism and Risks

Amidst the storm of Grexit, the markets are providing some optimistic signs.

The Twin Errors of Athens and the EU

With the end of the negotiations in sight, the anomaly of the Greek crisis compared to all other European countries appears in all its dramatic aspects.

The Negotiations

An analysis of the recent developments in the EU-Greek negotiations: an ongoing, and grueling struggle that may finally provide hints of light at the end of the tunnel.

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