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Il Sole 24 Ore - Front Page

All the news from Il Sole 24 Ore front page newspaper, provided daily, translated

Beijing’s Unknown Bonds Usage

China is getting rid of some parts of the American bonds it holds. The move could have an effect on the markets.

Italy and a Robot Named Pippo

An introduction to ‘Il Sole’’s ambitious 15-week look into the future of Italian innovation.

The Need for a Control Room in the Alliance

In a one-on-one interview, Defense Minister Roberta Pinotti outlines the commitment and quantifies the involvement of the Italian military in the current Middle Eastern landscape and the anti-ISIS international effort.

Divisions Are Scaring the Markets

Markets react more forcefully to the Russian jet incident than to the bloodier Paris attacks, reflecting the greater amount of global chaos caused by the international incident.

Jihadi Terrorism and the Strategy of the Zen Toad

An analysis of the tricky role that moderate Muslims must uphold—both for their sake and for the sake of the rest of the world.

If Every Nation Choses to Fight Its Own War

Turkey shooting down a Russian fighter jet yesterday illustrates the impossible tangle that the new anti-ISIS coalition is starting from.

Piazza Affari Welcomes the Banking Rescue Plan

Italian banks are welcoming the 2016 banking decree with considerable enthusiasm.

Italy PM Books EU Flexibility

The recent changes to the Stability Law are a sign that the Renzi administration is hedging its bets on Brussels decision to delay its assessment of the flexibility issue.

The African Roots of Global Jihad

Islamic jihad is a world threat; therefore, everyone—including Muslim and Arab states—should unite against it.

The Fragile Balance of the Global Economy

The recent terror attacks have failed at their attempts to cease society’s way of life. The primary reason for this: the ever prominent role of globalization in today’s society.

A Lesson of History and the Rules of the Economy

The horrific events in Paris and there effects on the economy.

The School-Business Alliance

Technical institutes at the high-school level are key for the restart and thriving of the high- and medium-tech industry.

Raqqa’s Fate in the Time of the Caliphate

The ancient, and recent, history of the city of Raqqa provides many clues to understand the ISIS threat.

Investments: A Global Priority

The G20 summit is the perfect occasion to highlight the importance of investments in infrastructure on a global scale.

If Russia Becomes a Player Again

The attacks in Paris have begun to shift the relationship between Russia and the West.

Stability and Security

The weight of the Stability Pact is tested in the wake of the recent attacks in Paris.

Real Economy and the True Frontier

An analysis of three possible channels through which terrorism could affect the real economy: exports—especially towards North Africa and the Middle East; tourism—in Paris and in Europe; and consumption—especially of luxury goods.

If Moscow Raises the Price of an Alliance

In fighting terrorism, divisions within Europe can, and will, send the wrong signals to friends, potential friends and, most of all, foes.

G20 Disappointed with Its Delays

While the recent G20 meeting showed some positive results, it’s failure to produce reliable outlines for growth left much to be desired.

Syria and Iraq: Sporadic Raids and No Ground Presence

An analysis of the futility of a purely political or purely military war on ISIS.

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