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An ‘Einaudi-style’ Revolution Through Taxes

Reducing taxes might sound like an electoral spot for Italian Prime Minister Renzi; and that is exactly what the country needs in order to seriously start growing again.

Quality, Not Quantity

An analysis of the Stability Law's exemption from social payments—a move that will not address Italy’s growth concerns in a substantive way.

More Balance But Too Many Exceptions

Yesterday’s passed legislation helps balance out the relationship between Italy’s government and its taxpayers.

Italy Does Not Deserve 20 Years in Purgatory

Long term economic predictions are not reliable—today even less than in the past. Instead of depressing ourselves over yet another doomsday IMF analysis, we should focus on valorizing our workers, reducing taxes and quickly passing reforms.

The New Prisoners

The Fiumicino fiasco is a potential loss that Italy simply cannot handle.

That’s How Italy Loses Face

Italy faces yet another black eye due to Fiumicino being shut down.

Surrender Control to Ensure Growth

An analysis of the Presenti family: the tale of a family and their grasp over the family business vs. a company’s right to growth.

If Less Sovereignty Means More Confidence

While resistance is understandable, the proposal for a European economic government is not completely unreasonable.

Rome Is Hanging on to Marino’s Midterm?

While the present only shows evidence of neglect, corruption and debt, Rome’s city government—at its second cabinet ‘reshuffling’ in two years—promises great things for the future.

Five Reasons for the Storm

A five-point analysis of China’s debt fueled collapse.

The Narrator of the Plains: With a Nobel Prize on the Horizon

Remembering the life and work of novelist Sebastiano Vassalli, on the day of his passing.

The Hara-kiri of an Italy That Does Not Want to Grow

Italy appears to be tripping over itself, slowing its own path of recovery. Strikes delay tourists in airports, union meetings block access to historic sites and, all the while, the country’s reputation (and economy) suffers.

The Default Risk that Europe Does Not Want to See

In the wake of the Greek crisis, perhaps its time for the EU to rethink its adherence to rigid dogmatic rules.

The FCA's Next Move

The decision of demerging Ferrari from Fiat Chrysler, leaves many doubts on the real intentions of the FCA group, its CEO and the family who controls it.

The American Lesson Against the Domino Effect

In the management of debt crises, Europe should look at the United States, where bankruptcy legislation prevents problems in single parts of a monetary and financial union from spreading to the whole.

The Choice Of The Lion

An analysis of Lavazza’s acquisition of French coffee leader Carte Noir.

A Randomly Organized Europe Will Not Save Europe

Three different countries, and three different interpretations of the lesson to be learned from the Greek incident: positive initiatives that could be improved through improved integration.

The Rule of Debt

Tax cuts and budget choices, which will have to be negotiated with the Union, ultimately depend on politics.

Geopolitics and National Interests

An analysis of EU sanctions against Russia and the damages to ‘Made in Italy’ goods.

A Courageous Shift in Fiscal Policy

Renzi’s announced tax cuts program might not be revolutionary in terms of numbers, but it definitely is in political direction—especially because, as a leader of a leftist party, he gives priority to businesses over dependent workers and families.

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