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The Double Therapy for China and Europe

The crux is the disparity between the stocks and raw materials prices. China must slow its unsustainable growth, but cannot do it on its own, and the unified market and euro are not sufficient to turn Europe into an engine for global growth.

The Global Grip Around The Fed

At look at the United States strategies for growth in the context of China's rise.

Banking’s Better Premises for the Fall

The banking sector is leading the restart and has all the interest in seeing more solid growth. In Italy, however normative anomalies, compared to the rest of Europe, must be corrected in order to ensure a healthy economic development.

The “Concert” Central Banks Need

Cooperation among central banks is fundamental, especially in the face of extraordinary circumstances; yet, in order to be effective, all of them must respect a few fundamental rules.

From Beijing, Local Debt Swap

A look at China’s take on quantitative easing.

Dead in a Truck: Tragedy in the Heart of Europe

Rather than merely figuring out how to “manage” the refugee crisis, Europe and the rest of the West must consider its role in creating the crisis.

If Europe Invested More, China Wouldn’t Be So Scary

If Europe were to get over its timidness in terms of investments, it could display a stronger front when faced with crises.

The Wrong Response of a Myopic Europe

Immigration is becoming Europe’s main problem and, if not faced collectively and unselfishly by all countries in the Union, has an even greater potential than the economic crisis to destroy it.

Gun and Phone, The Chilling “Social Killer”

The On-air murder of reporters Alison Parker and Adam Ward and the gunman’s subsequent social media broadcast are a chilling reminder of how we as a society are becoming morally numbed in the digital age.

The Market’s Bitter Awakeining

The latest market plunge is particularly scary and it has the potential to get worse still, if western powers—mostly worried about national stability—keep focusing on financial markets while forgetting about the economic fundamentals that sustain them.

Quantitative Easing for Beijing

A plea for Beijing to reconsider its current strategy.

The Crisis Does Not Kill the Dragon

There are reasons to believe that the month of August will not make troubles from the financial market spill over into the real economy like they did in 2007 and 2011, including a detached perspective behind the yuan devaluation.

Rome Can’t Close Its Eyes

The flippant display during Vittorio Casamonica’s mafia funeral is a black eye for the state.

If Europe Puts Rancors Behind

Germany’s attitude towards the Greek crisis seems to have shifted from moral outrage to pragmatism; provided it is not just an attempt to align the entire continent with on its own model of economic policy.

Palmyra: ISIS Cannot Conquer Six-thousand Years of History

The beheading of archeologist Khaled Asaad is a horrendous loss of life, culture and the human spirit.

The State’s Reform Opens the Way for Recovery

Italy’s growth in the second quarter was very respectable. We must now strengthen our programs for reform and recovery.

The Democratic Paradoxes of the Euro

As the German-Greek battle/Grexit debacle demonstrated, the euro zone still has quite a few obstacles to get over in order to flourish and bring about real growth.

Further EU Flexibility: Target 3 to 4 Billion Euros

Italy is attempting to seek an expansion of the EU’s “endowment” within the Stability Law. This will be a tricky game with no certain outcome.

U.S. Capitalism in Search of New Models

The digital revolution is changing the tone—and the substance—of American electoral politics; paradoxically bringing it back to the classic left-right dialectic on how to bridge the value gap between capital and labor.

The War Europe Needs to Fight

China’s devaluation of the renminbi could be interpreted as a “World War for jobs.” If so, Europe will certainly want to throw it’s hat into the ring—but it also needs to make some changes at home first.

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