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And Now Milan Needs to Surprise

Expo 2015 is not just a bet for Milan. Rather, it is a test of Milan and Italy.

The Slow Redistribution of Jobs

Despite the governments’ optimism, employment figures from the real economy are still far form encouraging. The country is on the right path, and needs to patiently stay the course as visible reforms-triggered improvements will be gradual and long-term.

Europe Should Not Mess Up the ‘Made In’ Label

The controversy over the introduction of ‘Made In’—the mandatory labeling indicating the country where a product originated or was last transformed—further highlights the difficulty to reconcile conflicting interests among different European countries.

Bolloré’s Priority and Telecom

An analysis of Vincent Bolloré’s possible plans for Telecom Italia.

The False Chinese QE and the True Bubbles

The People’s Bank of China is a new page in China’s banking history. Yet, it is not clear at this time if it can be called QE.

Recovery and the Importance of Stability

Political infighting is the a trait more akin to children on a playground, and to a real leader—one that will guide Italy through sustainable growth.

Zero Interest Rates Help, But the Euro Pays the Price

The ECB’s QE maneuver may be helping Europe’s weaker economies manage their public debt, but it is also leading into an uncharted financial territory, full of dangers, amongst which is the euro’s first increase against the dollar in 10 months.

Real Aid to Growth Versus Euroepan Dogmas

Government intervention is vital to the healthy functioning of the economy, as the reaction to the crisis by some non-European countries have demonstrated. However, it should not be confused with simple non-productive subsidies.

The Return of Confidence that Overshadows the Populists

Populist movements are losing ground as the average voter changes its views.

Stubborn Confrontation

Tensions run high at the Eurogroup-Greece negotiations, but, given that everybody needs an agreement, it might just be a case of “storm before the calm.”

Bund Is a Short to Take

An analysis of the Bund’s recent drop.

Do not Let the “Employment Spring" Go to Waste

As timid signs of economic restart begin to emerge, government needs—now more than ever—to focus on reforms, innovation and growth.

If the End of Athens Is the End of the Euro

Serious cooperation is needed if Greece hopes to stay afloat. Yet, is it really Greece that will pay the price if it doesn't?

The Stability Needed for a Major Change

The Ministry of the Economy has moved forward with new banking regulations. This closes a heated chapter in Italy’s banking history.

Three Questions for Government

With the DEF ready to make its way to Parliament, there are some issues that merit further clarification, to ascertain not only if the choices that were made were the right choices, but whether they were made for the right reasons.

Lost Time and Opportunities That Mustn’t Be Wasted

With the recent arrival of three crucial bills, it is now time to truly get to work.

But Don’t Call It A Miracle

Mirandola has bounced back from catastrophe. As such, it is an excellent example of resilience.

Europe of Cynicism

Europe may champion the ideal of human rights, but when it comes time to actually act—especially in the face of rising refugee numbers—there seems to be a disconnect.

Why Do We Need the UN

In the wake of the latest massacre at sea, a list of urgent actions to be taken by European governments and institution to face the ongoing human tragedy of refugees.

The Golden Rule of Investment and Growth

An analysis of what needs to be done in a post-Greek crisis Europe to generate real growth.

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