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Beijing’s Unknown Bonds Usage

China is getting rid of some parts of the American bonds it holds. The move could have an effect on the markets.

War and Hope

Rarely have the members of the Nobel Committee made a wiser choice for its Peace Prize than this year and the Tunisian National Dialogue Quartet.

A Symbol Hits the Market

The Italian postal service approaches an initial public offering that will set the stage for similar actions in the country.

The Destiny of a Pontificate in a Synod

Even though it’s official theme is family-related issues, the synod assembly currently under way seems like the perfect occasion for Pope Francis to outline his ideas of a long overdue Church reform.

The Return of Cold War

Tensions between Russia and NATO heighten as the Syrian and Iraqi war worsens.

If Berlin Pays the Price for Ties Between Business and Politics

After decades of polishing its image, Germany sustains dangerous blows with the Volkswagen and Deutsche Bank crises.

The Broken Link Between Salaries and Inflation

Collective labor contracts must become more flexible and adapt to the new, globalized, economic situation: in order for that to happen, unions have to do exactly the same.

Angela’s Tough Line in the Interest of the Industry

An analysis of Angela Merkel’s plea to not let the Volkswagen scandal tarnish the German car sector.

The Lack of Courage for a New Di Vittorio

Italy’s apparent disintrest in caring for its labor force is a far cry from the days of Giuseppe Di Vittorio

If the World Stops, Italy Cannot Restart on Its Own

The IMF forecasts bring some good news for Europe, but may also lead astray because they do not take into account very recent dynamics. In any case, investments, especially structural, appear to be a cure-all for countries with very different situations.

The Confusions of a Blind Europe

Europe’s coming to terms with dictators and warmongers in the hope of solving the Syrian crisis is unethical, dangerous and, most likely, useless.

The Signs that European Industry Must Follow

An analysis of what the signing of TTP means for European industry—especially in the case of Italy.

The Mandatory Road for Central Banks

It is clear that the European Central Bank is still in the shadows of the United States post China’s mid-August crisis.

Growth Is Stable If It Leads to Investments

Publicly acknowledging the end of a crisis is a crucial step in returning meaning to interest rates—a guiding light for investors. However, this requires the deployment of policies geared towards stable growth over the long term.

The Slowdown Should Not Stop Yellen from Raising Rates

Despite recent economic data that was not particularly positive, Janet Yellen must go forward with raising interest rates.

The Numbers of a Disaster

An analysis of the cost of the Volkswagen scandal.

At War, Without Knowing Who Is Friend or Foe

With Russian involvement, the Syrian civil war is becoming even more complicated to manage. However, as paradoxical as it may sound, Putin’s intervention could create an exit strategy for the United States.

Unilever Buys Italian Gelato Maker Grom

A look at Unilever’s purchasing of Grom—a shining model for Italian businesses.

A Worldwide Government of Great Currencies

A possible answer to permanent financial instability in advanced and mature countries could be the creation of a three-headed global central bank.

Merkel’s Silence

Germany could emerge from the Volkswagen scandal stronger than ever; but certain conditions must be changed first.

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