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From Europe, a First Step Forward on Bank Failures

Europe takes steps to navigate its at times awkwardly close relationship to banks.

The Good Horses Are at the Finish Line

As the markets begin to respond to Renzi’s changes at the head of national companies, stock prices drop in Milan due to geopolitical uncertainties and the uncertainties pertaining to the stability of newly implemented strategies.

Decline Unknowns

In a strange yet distinctly “Italian” twist, Berlusconi is not facing an outright downfall but rather a self-managed “decline.”

Results and Markets: The Gauge to Measure

The new leaders chosen for the state-owned industrial giants are a (moderate) breakaway from the past: excellent resumes and the lack of politically influenced choices. However, do not exempt them from the test of results.

Betting on ECB Successes

The ECB’s future success and, most importantly, ability to overcome deflation is imperative for those buying inflation-linked BTp Italia bonds.

But the Ukrainian Crisis Threatens the Recovery

At a time that seems to call for military action in the Ukraine, Washington and Brussels stick to diplomatic measures. Considering Moscow’s economic vulnerability, this may be a wise strategy.

The Change of Pace the Tax Revenue Service Needs

The Letta administration does not seem to want to waste any time in reforming Italy’s fiscal system, but the need to act quickly should not overshadow the need to act well.

Credit Relaunch Begins With Risk

The ECB and Bank of England endorsed Asset Backed Securities, acknowledging that risk is essential but must be spread about.

If Europe Still Speaks of the Future

The return of Greece on the global financial market underlines once again the strength of the euro and its political significance as a unifying factor for Europe.

Market Sentiment Is Different Now

An interview with Richard Gnodde, co-chief executive officer at Goldman Sachs, about his positive outlook on Italy’s economy.

To Restart: Investments and Speedy Reforms Needed

A look at the government’s economic and financial program confirms the central role of productive investments and their domino effect on everything else.

A Haven From Euro-Skepticism

Political and monetary integration has forced even the most inward-looking European societies to face the outside world, and recent reform programs reflect this.

From Grexit to the Bond of Change

A review of Greece’s return to the sovereign bond markets.

A Step Forward, Still to Be Proved

Over the next few months, Renzi must show that his process, not overly systematic but full of charisma, will truly be able to change Italy.

If Closing the Borders Deprives Young Adults of a Future

The euro is not causing problems, but bringing them to light instead. Turning our backs on the Euro would mean turning our backs to other countries, as well as to the tools we can use to solve our problems.

Growth And Debt: A Narrow Path

In attempting to spur growth, Italy places its efforts on a bet—one that Europe must also be a part of.

Tax wedge, a 6.6 billion euro cut

5 billion in funding from the ‘spending’, 1 billion from health care – Deficit confirmed at 2.6%

The Euro: Hanging Between Draghi and Hollande

Using the rise of the extreme right at home, as a reason—or an excuse—France seems inclined to ask for more exceptions to the European rules. It is a risky game for itself and for the Union as a whole.

Derivatives: The Prodigal State

Derivates in the form of swaps are a risky bet. For the government, this risky bet has consistently backfired.

Credit for the GDP: The Task Force Is Here

A return to slashing corporate taxes to increase the flow of liquidity to the GDP.

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