Book Plan: To Show the Chinese Embroidery


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China is a multi-ethnic country. Some ethnic minorities in western China still live in poverty. In particular, women have no choice but to leave behind family and young children and eke out a hard life by working as migrant workers.
In order to aid the poverty-stricken areas, the “Dream Pursuit Research Group”, formed by the Social Affairs Department of the Central Committee of China Association for Promoting Democracy, the China Fashion Weekly press, the Art and Design press and the Art College of Southwest Minzu University, carried out in-depth poverty alleviation work in Bapan Village in Guizhou Province and hence this “Book Plan”. Located on the banks of Nanpan River, Bapan Village has magnificent scenery and still preserves the traditional custom of the Bouyei people intact. Bouyei women begin to acquire the art of embroidery from their mothers when they are six or seven years old. The traditional embroidery culture inspired Liu Huizi, a teacher of Visual Communication from Southwest Minzu University, for the birth of this Book Plan.

The “Book Plan” which combines the basic skills of traditional craftsmen, creatively transforms and innovates the traditional embroidery culture of the Bouyei people. It integrates the scattered cottage production mode to achieve flexible production and overall coordination. In particular, it provides a good idea for minority women in poverty-stricken areas to achieve employment at home by virtue of their advantages. This Book carries the blessings of women in Bapan village for a better future, and is also a beautiful “invitation letter”, inviting friends from all corners of the globe.


Jiu Yue

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