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Brand extension the goal for Tagliatore

di Marika Gervasio

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A sartorial tradition shaped by the passion and know-how of his grandparents, and later his father, who started out producing shoes before expanding into apparel. One that has been honoured since 1940 in Martina Franca, Puglia. This is the story of Tagliatore, the clothing brand launched twenty years ago by Pino Lerario, who has continued the legacy of the family business together with his siblings Vito, Teresa and Luciano.

«In 2018 our turnover was around €27 million, 5% up compared with 2017 – explains Pino Lerario –. We hope for further growth this year. Outside of Italy, Japan is our most important market, followed by Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands and Scandinavia. We are certainly looking at Korea as a new market and also hope for further penetration in the US, where we are already present but really hope to expand».


Of the various strategies being pursued by the company the expansion and diversification of its range is certainly top of the list. First the men’s collection and then, since 2007, the women’s collection. But that’s not all. «The Tagliatore 0205 women’s collection has produced excellent results – adds Lerario – and continues to grow in terms of sell out. It currently accounts for 30% of our sales. We release two main collections a year, the autumn-winter and the spring-summer ranges. I believe our success can be attributed to the qualities shared by all of our collections - our craftsmanship, our research into exclusive fabrics, our handmade decorations, the details inspired by the world of film and the synaesthetic evocations stolen from the local area».

Let’s not forget that the costume designers of the first Batman film fell in love with the Tagliatore style. And that the focal point of the autumn-winter 2019-20 women’s collection is once again the cinema, with Marlene Dietrich in “A Foreign Affair” and the fascinating women and inspirational muses painted by Tamara de Lempicka. These sources of inspiration give rise to a series of clothes dedicated to a charming and mysterious woman, the symbol of female emancipation and the revolutionary 20th century.

«The brand extension process we launched a few seasons ago is producing very positive results – explains Lerario –. Various types of bags have been added to the leather capsule collection to fully meet the needs of the Tagliatore man. We are also very happy with the performance of the men’s footwear collection, which continues to grow season after season. Another experiment in the world of accessories in which we have great belief».

Everything is strictly made in Italy. In fact, the goal of the company is to promote the Italian production chain with «”made in Italy” laying the foundations for expansion on the global markets, which increasingly demand quality in the form of taste and innovation». And, rejecting the idea of offshoring, it continues to rely on the expertise of its 180 employees, producing something like 340 jackets a day within the company which are then distributed to around 800 customers in Italy and abroad.

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