Fu Junmin: Design Through Craftsmanship


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Pingze furniture is simple and elegant for its simple lines interwoven with perfect curvature. Fu Junmin, the founder of Pingze Furniture, came from a long line of woodcarvers in Dongyang, Zhejiang. He loved traditional Chinese furniture culture since his childhood and had unique insights into traditional furniture art. “Every piece of Pingze works, from its creative inspiration to the final production, leaves a deep impression on me,” Fu Junmin said, “For the production of “Bamboo Inlaid Geometric Screen”, I have repeatedly sought for suitable craftsmen and artisans, and even changed the material, resulting in an increase in costs.”

This exhibit “Cloisonné Box” is another delicate design. The box has undergone hundreds of tests in which the technical problems have been solved. Without filigree, the flatness of the surface is ensured, and the fluid glaze color is realized. Cloisonné is extracted from the concrete pattern, and is endowed with the abstract beauty, turning upside down the people's aesthetic of cloisonné. Fu Junmin said: “The creative process of “Cloisonné Box” is the most memorable. I have been wondering about how to integrate cloisonné into the life so that the craft serves the life. In recent years, I have been following new ink paintings and traditional Chinese realistic paintings in modern life. I am most impressed by the paintings of Zhu Jinzhong. Most works are painted in grey. I once happened to see him painting a landscape painting in green. The vibrant color deeply attracted me. The idea of combining painting with cloisonné occurred to me all of a sudden.”


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