Seventy strengthens its branded network and online sales business

di Barbara Ganz

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Two thousand and twenty marks the 50th anniversary of Ca’ Da Mosto, the company from Scorzè (Venice) that produces and distributes the Seventy brand. Founded by Sergio Tegon in 1970, it is still a family business thanks to the presence of his three children. «The company has been in business for half a century, during which time it has learned how to adapt to the social and economic changes that have characterised and changed the markets, cultural models and operating horizons», they explain.

The Pepper denimwear line was launched in 1975 and was followed by the junior Pepperino brand. After the sell-offs in the late 90s, the company’s creativity and production structure returned to focus on the development of Seventy, cleverly still located in the local area where it invested in expertise and human capital: «We decided to add the wording “Venice” to the Seventy brand: working in a place of artistic and architectural beauty, where the overriding element is water, also makes the things that are created here different, special, unique. And that’s not all: who better than a Venetian can understand the sensitivity and delicacy of our system?». Seventy closed 2018 with a turnover of €52 million (+8% on 2017) and currently has 150 direct employees.


In the last 15 years Ca’da Mosto has managed the development of the Seventy men’s and women’s lines in Italy and the 19.70 line (easy chic style label exclusively for women) both in Italy, its main market, and abroad, beginning to construct a network of branded stores and focusing on strengthening the brand identity also through its presence on the social media.

«Italy still represents an important share of our business but we have completed the European distribution structure with excellent feedback from countries like Germany, Benelux and Spain. France and Northern Europe are also responding positively. We are doing very well in North America, where we have been present for four seasons, and we are also rethinking our presence on the Japanese market».

The Venetian brand’s collections are also available via a network of corners and shops-in-shops in certain department stores such as La Rinascente Duomo in Milan and Coin Excelsior. The new flagship store in Milan, a prestigious location of over 200 m2 at no. 7 Via Solferino in the heart of the Brera district, is due to open in the coming days. This project is designed to act as a platform for the global development of the retail channel which generates 10% of the company’s turnover and consists of five directly-managed branded stores, plus three branded franchise stores in Palermo, Genoa and Piacenza, as well as the branded stores in Split and Belgrade. The future of Seventy also involves the strengthening of its online sales channel: its e-commerce platform is active at global level. Three-year goal: to increase its digital business to 6-7% of the total.

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