Xacus reinvents the woman’s shirt with innovative silk

di Marika Gervasio

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Services and specialisation are the trump cards of Xacus, a company founded in 1956 in San Vito di Leguzzano, close to Vicenza, by the enterprising Alberto Xoccato, a creative artisan and visionary who, together with ten expert local seamstresses, decided to offer his take on the art of the men’s shirt.’

«Service is a fundamental issue for us,» explains Paolo Xoccato, son of Alberto and CEO of the company. «It is an aspect that guides the entire business and one that has also enabled us to overcome difficult moments like the economic crisis we are experiencing. For example, we have centralised our warehouse activities in order to ensure that our ranges are constantly available to our customers, the retailers, so that they don’t have to worry about it. It is a demanding service for us, but it pays off.»


A selection of 300 articles divided into different fabrics, models and fits able to meet the needs of customers is available online 24/7. By registering with the service in the Buyers section of the website (www.xacus.com) it is possible to access the central warehouse in real time and directly order the quantities desired which, depending on availability, are delivered the next day. It is possible to access two types of warehouse: the Online service, dedicated to permanent articles, and the Seasonal service dedicated to seasonal articles available while stocks last.

The company, which closed 2018 in line with 2017 with revenues of €23 million and exports of 35%, can count on a distribution network of 1050 outlets in Italy and a further 550 abroad. Its main markets are the Netherlands, Spain, Scandinavia and the US.

Another of Xacus’s services is My Concept, the tailor-made “needle” stitched shirt customised in every detail. The My Concept kit consists of a collection of 150 fabrics of different types, designs and colours; it is possible to request special combinations of fabrics for the collar and cuffs, choose the colour of the buttonholes, embroider initials or other details and apply Australian mother-of-pearl buttons inscribed with name and surname. The bespoke garments are ready within 12 working days and delivered in an exclusive personalised bag.

«Two of our other defining characteristics,» continues the CEO, «are the quality of our products and the research that goes into them. Only a specialist company like ours - we decided from the outset that we would only make shirts - is able to propose a range with such a high degree of creativity and innovation.»

He adds: «We follow the same philosophy with the women’s collections, a fairly recent project that we launched five years ago: in addition to shirts the range is expanded with overshirts and dresses but always in a “light” fabric from the shirt-making world, be it cotton, silk, linen, silk organza, denim or technical fabric.»

In fact, the 2019-20 autumn-winter range of the women’s collection - under the creative direction of Alessia Xoccato since July 2018 - not only includes classic shirts reinterpreted with fits ranging from slim to regular, but also oversized and men’s shirts, blouses, overshirts and items for special occasions, embellished with embroidery, appliqués and special fabrics.

And it is the fabrics that are the real key to innovation. In fact, Xacus’s partnerships with the best and most creative fabric manufacturers are crucial. «Technical fabrics are one of the latest market trends and we are paying close attention to them,»adds Xoccato. «We are also bringing them to our men’s collection: we are focused on wrinkle-free, stretch and also multi-stretch cotton fabrics, such as a particular technical nylon fabric that guarantees excellent performance.»

«For the women’s collection we have introduced Re-silk, a recently-launched fabric with exceptional performance that combines the qualities of silk with practicality,» he continues. «It is machine-washable, for example. This is only the first season but it’s going down really well. For us, research is fundamental. We have a dedicated research office but we also collaborate with our best suppliers in the area of sustainability and innovation. And we are reaping the rewards. For example, Reda has proposed a special sustainable merino wool from Tasmania obtained using a specific shearing technique that does not harm the sheep. The fabric is breathable and does not crease.»

As the entrepreneur concludes, «making shirts using innovative fabrics is what we will be concentrating on, at least in the short- to mid-term.»

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